Alternatives To Pantyhose

By Tabitha Harwell

Forget about being uncomfortable all day in pantyhose and choose a different alternative to cover your legs. The way pantyhose fit on your leg may irritate your panty-line, draw unwanted attention because of a shiny material or simply bother you because of the line that crosses your toe when wearing sandals. While some places of business require pantyhose, there are alternatives.

Many offices require women to wear a form of pantyhose while at work.

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Leggings are a thicker option than pantyhose and come in five different lengths – above the knee, just below the knees, calf-length, ankle-length and in a stirrup form that fits inside a shoe. They are ideal for cooler temperatures because of the added thickness; however, they are more casual looking than pantyhose. Leggings are ideal when worn with an oversized sweater, dress or short skirt.

Thigh-High Pantyhose

Thigh-high pantyhose is a variation of the traditional pantyhose but excludes the waist and panty-line area. Purchase thigh-highs with elastic thigh bands to keep them up on your legs throughout the day, or wear them with a garter belt. Garter belts fit around your waist and contain four straps that are attached to the waist band. The straps attach to the top of the thigh-highs to keep them in position all day. The material for thigh-highs pantyhose is similar, if not the same, as pantyhose.

Toeless Pantyhose

Toeless pantyhose is an ideal alternative to standard pantyhose because there is not a toe line across the tip of the toes. The tips of the pantyhose are either cut to separate the toes, or the pantyhose stops at the ankle, leaving the foot free of nylon. Toeless pantyhose come in both variations of pantyhose – standard fit and thigh-high, so you can choose which one is more comfortable.


Women wear pantyhose simply to cover unwanted blemishes, veins and pale skin during the spring and summer months. Remove the pantyhose altogether and apply a self-tanner to give your legs a natural glow. Shave and exfoliate legs the day before you want to apply the tanner; this will create an even coat when applied. Rub a moisturizer over your knees and ankles before applying the tanner; this prevents the tanner from sticking to those areas and creating a visible discoloration between your legs, knees and ankles. Rub the tanner over your legs to create an even coating and allow it to dry completely.