African American Baby Hairstyles

By Laurel Handfield

You had no idea your baby would have so much curly, black hair. Several hairstyles are available for African American babies and one of the most common ones are braids. Braids last longer and limit the amount of products used on tender little heads. If you must use products on her hair, however, limit them to all natural ones. Other hairstyles include natural styles and the mini-Mohawk.

Smiling African American baby boy.


Young African American girl with braided hair.

Braids are a hairstyle for African American babies and kids of any age. A baby can have braids in her hair for up to a week with proper care. For safety purposes, never wrap a baby's hair and leave the baby unattended. It's better to keep your child safe and opt to have the braids done every week or when they start to fray. Also, avoid using beads in a baby's hair. You can braid your baby's hair in different styles and patterns. Some of the more popular styles for kids are the braided single and double ponytail. This is where the hair is braided up and tied into one or two ponytails. Add ribbons for more decoration. The zig-zag is one of the more popular patterns -- each section is braided in a jagged or criss-cross pattern.


Young African American girl with afro.

Natural is a hairstyle for babies of any hair length. The main purpose of the natural style is to keep your child's hair healthy while promoting growth. With a natural look you have the option of leaving it in an afro style, which is a common preference for boys. For girls, you can leave the hair natural but stick in a couple decorative bows for a more creative look. If you want to use products in your baby's hair, be sure that they are natural with no added chemicals. Avoid relaxers, which are products that chemically straighten kinky hair. To keep an African American baby's hair soft and well moisturized, try using petroleum jelly. Apply a tiny bit — about the size of a dime — to your finger tips and gently massage through the hair.

Mini Mohawk

Young African American baby with mohawk.

If you're looking for something that's completely different, try a mini Mohawk. The Mohawk is characterized by shorter hair on the sides and longer, spiked hair at the top from the crown to the nape of the neck. To do a Mohawk, pick out your baby's natural hair with a fine pick comb. Braid or twist the sides in an upward motion. Do not braid or twist the ends. This will form the Mohawk appearance.