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Acupressure, used in reflexology and other holistic therapies, is based on the Chinese belief of energy flowing through meridian points in the body. If the point related to a urinary bladder is blocked, applying pressure on the point can open the flow of energy.


Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of woodley wonderworks

Acupressure points are located mainly on the hands or feet, but some can be reached through the ears. The hands are the most accessible and easiest to work on. Look at your right hand, locate the joint just above the wrist and below the thumb, this is the bladder point.


Perform a firm-rolling squeeze on the area. Squeeze and roll slowly with your thumb the first time, then release the pressure slightly. Increase your thumb pressure with each rolling squeeze. Do seven times.


Acupressure can give short-term relief from pain and stimulate the bladder to empty. It cannot cure an infection.


Pressure pellets work well to keep the pressure applied for longer periods. Pressure pellets can be purchased online.


Bladder infections can be dangerous and could spread to your kidneys. See a doctor for medication. If you are prone to bladder infections, taking cranberry pills on a daily basis will help with prevention.