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The human thumb is full of sensitive nerve endings. This allows the thumb perform the most delicate and detailed tasks. It also makes the thumb a focal point for several important pressure points. Applying pressure to these thumb pressure points can help provide relief to a long list of ailments. They are often used as a low-impact treatment to avoid the side effects of medication. Thumb pressure points should only be used to treat illness under a doctor's supervision.


According to the pressure point website PressThePoint.com, holistic medicine practitioners started manipulating pressure points in the thumb thousands of years ago in Asia. The Stanford University pressure point location website says pressure points help improve the flow of energy through the body. As a result, many of the pressure points in and near the thumb treat symptoms located in other areas of the body. They are commonly used in conjunction with modern medical techniques.


The primary thumb pressure point is in the inside corner of the thumb nail. This is in the lower right corner on the left hand, and the lower left corner on the right hand. Another useful pressure point is located where the thumb meets the webbing of the hand. This is the muscle mass between the bones of the thumb and index finger. A third thumb pressure point is all the way at the bottom of the thumb bones inside the hand where they intersect with the wrist. It is located in a small gap directly under the index finger.


The thumbnail pressure point is useful for hand and forearm pain as well as headaches, congestion and throat problems. The pressure point between the thumb and index finger is often effective treating tooth and mouth pain, joint problems, and nervousness. The pressure point at the intersection of the thumb and the wrist is good for exhaustion, insomnia and nausea.


According to PressThePoint.com, pressure must be applied in a gradual and steady manner. Sudden and intense pressure can cause great discomfort and injury to the thumb. Apply pressure with your other thumb or a fingertip. A pencil eraser can also be used if you want pressure in a precise location near the thumb. Cease pressure if there is pain or severe discomfort. Mild discomfort is normal when applying pressure to thumb pressure points.


Thumb pressure points should not be used as a replacement for modern medicine. They can provide temporary relief for some symptoms but will not cure acute illnesses. Always seek professional medical advice for all health issues. Thumb pressure points can be used along with traditional medical treatments.