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When you think '70s disco fashion, images of silver sequins, big hair and dramatic makeup immediately come to mind. The era was all about channeling your passion for energetic club music into the way you look. Many people go for '70s disco fashion today for costumes for parties or charity events. But you can also find silver disco sequins popular in many of today's fashions.


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The reason '70s disco-era fashion came about was dancing. It was all about finding fabrics and designs that shone under the disco lighting in the new dance clubs everyone was talking about. Lightweight materials, such as polyester and rayon, also became popular. The shinier the material, the better for attracting attention on the dance floor. Dress codes took off at disco clubs in the '70s because of door screening policies, according to fashion-era.com. The site also says disco wear was never acceptable for daywear, but a way to become a part of the action at night.


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Platform shoes provided the elevation needed to show up dancing poses made popular by movies like Saturday Night Fever. Some shoes could have as much of a 4-inch platform. Who could forget the shoes with a lovely floating fish in the heels? There was actually a reason why odd shoes like that were popular in the '70s. According to 70sfashion.org, the height sometimes made too the shoes too heavy for women so the soles were sometimes hollowed out to make the shoes weigh less and put less of a strain on the dancer. That's also where some people got the idea to fill the heel with things, like fish, to make the shoe more interesting.


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For women, disco era fashion could mean spandex tops and tight “hot pants” or mini-dresses. Jumpsuits also were tight and were usually in fabric that was very shiny and available in many different bright colors. Women dressed to make a dramatic entrance in the hottest dance clubs during the disco era. If women didn't wear a jumpsuit, they often wore what has been referred to as micro skirts or maxi-dresses. These two items were exact opposites of each other. A micro skirt shows off a woman's legs, and usually was several inches above the knee, according to www.fashion-era.com. A maxi dress was ankle length and completely covered their legs, but usually showed off a woman's arms with a halter on top. The women's liberation movement made it their prerogative to wear whatever they felt on any particular day.


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Makeup in the '70s was about getting attention, much like the clothes. Unlike the '60s, the '70s disco era makeup was about dark eyeliner and tanned skin. Bright colors are again the trend in the '70s disco era, so if you are trying to emulate the style, try blue eyeliners and eye shadows. The more dramatic, the better. Lips should be complimentary to the tanned look and dramatic eyeshadow, so try pale pink or hot pink.


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Trends in hair in the '70s disco era might be best known for the full Afro style that some women wore. This was a look that had full rounded, poofy short style. For women, straight and long and flowy was also an iconic '70s look. '70s sex symbol Farrah Fawcett made waves in fashion trends with her feathered bangs and long hair. Women copied this look, especially the short layer of feathering on the sides. Because much of the disco dance era centered around fitness and energy, super high ponytails also embodied that look.