Clean beauty has come a long way in the past few years and we’re happily seeing non-tox products mimic other high-end (and unsafe) products most of us have been relying on for years. Instead of putting chemicals that may cause cancer and other dangerous problems onto our skin and face, we now have the chance to maintain our beauty routine in a safer way. And while we still have a lot to do when it comes to mainstream pure beauty, the following list contains 10 clean brands that you can love and trust.

  1. RMS - They have a ton of makeup and skin essentials—especially when it comes to face makeup; think bronzer, luminizer, and powder. Their organic products promise to work well while healing and nourishing the skin.
  2. OSEA Malibu - An amazing company for providing non-toxic ways to keep your skin looking flawless. This is a family-run business with inventory all surrounding calm, ocean vibes. (Also included in The Year Of Wellness box #3, PURE!)
  3. goop Beauty - Well-known for their founder, the Gwyneth Paltrow, this company started as a website and now is climbing the clean beauty ladder fast. They have everything from makeup to shampoo to skincare, and their night creams and moisturizers are among the best.
  4. Ilia - Dedicated to creating the purest products possible in an ethical way, Ilia was founded by a woman whose own brother suffered from acute asthma and allergies. They have a strong amount of products and are especially known for their multi-use makeup, brushes and aesthetic.
  5. Beautycounter - After realizing that makeup and beauty products weren’t regulated closely, a wife/mom came up with this company as a safe solution. They have it all: skin care, children’s products, SPF, makeup, gift sets, you name it. This is a great place to get started for quality swaps in your home.
  6. W3ll People - Queens of the “no-makeup” clean makeup look, this company was created by three women—a makeup artist, dermatologist, and a “tree-hugging” entrepreneur; their words not ours. Best of all, they have a good selection of “mini’s” which are their travel-sized products.
  7. Kjaer Weis - They use mainly wildflowers to color their products and use top quality organic materials from around the world. This is definitely higher-end and everything from their blush to their brushes are beautifully created.
  8. Tata Harper - Their philosophy is “beauty without compromise” and it couldn’t be more true. Whether you want to glow or detox, their non-toxic, natural skincare and cosmetics have you covered.
  9. Vapour - We’re obsessed with the site’s beauty swap function and focus on active ingredients from Earth. This luxury brand has a huge inventory when it comes to clean beauty, and allows you to try samples first.
  10. Rituel de Fille - Founded by three sisters, two being makeup artists, all products are 99% natural and use the least amount of ingredients. We love their lipsticks and cream blush most of all.

Enjoy, clean beauties!