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Acne breakouts south of the border are a common problem and may be exacerbated by exercise. Butt blemishes aren't a pretty sight, but there is plenty you can do to prevent and treat them. If acne won't go away or is particularly painful or severe, you may need the help of a dermatologist who can prescribe an effective medication.

Bum Breakouts

The skin on your behind has large pores, making it prone to pimples. If you experience acne on your face or back, it's also common for it to occur on your bum. For some, exercise can worsen the problem, as sweat mixes with bacteria, oil and dead skin cells to increase the possibility of clogged pores, according to "Daily Makeover." Also, it's not possible to sweat away acne in a sauna or through exercise, and some studies indicate that humidity and heat worsen breakouts.

Workout Gear

Tight-fitting workout clothes made from artificial fabrics hold sweat, bacteria and oil against your skin, which can cause breakouts. Prevent pimples on your butt by wearing clothing made from natural fibers like cotton, or from moisture-wicking materials. Some high-tech fabrics have antibacterial properties that may also help. After you've finished exercising, change out of your workout clothing quickly to keep sweat and other acne-causing substances from resting against your rear. Don't forget to wash your workout clothes before using them again, either.

Keeping Clean

Before exercising, shower to remove any products you've applied to your bottom, such as cream or sunblock, which can mix with sweat and clog pores, causing pimples. After working out, shower again and use a cleanser containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to destroy bacteria and breakdown pore buildup. Exfoliating periodically is also helpful, but don't scrub too roughly or exfoliate every time you bathe, explains "Today," or you'll just irritate your skin and inflame existing zits.

Avoiding Acne

Just as workout clothes made from artificial materials can cause butt breakouts, underwear made from similar fabrics, such as nylon or polyester, can have the same effect. "Glamour" says the friction caused by using gym equipment which comes into contact with your rear -- such as an exercise bicycle or a rowing machine -- can also cause pimples. If you do apply any products to your bottom, ensure that they're nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic, meaning that they won't block your pores.