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Dark spots on the skin stem from prolonged exposure to the sun and are a sign of aging. They can appear on your face, hands, neck or almost any other part of the body. Commercial products are available to help you deal with this problem. However, natural remedies such as lemons are cheaper and possibly already in your refrigerator. The acid in the lemon works to fade dark spots.

Squeeze one lemon into a small bowl to prepare enough for one application. You can also use about 1/4 cup of bottled lemon juice. Use more or less as needed.

Apply the lemon juice to your dark spots using a cotton swab or ball.

Rinse after 15 minutes or once the lemon juice dries. Drab your skin dry with a towel and apply your favorite moisturizer. Avoid sunlight while the lemon juice is on your skin, as it increases the skin’s sun sensitivity, according to Health 911.

Use the treatment twice per day. You should notice results in six to eight weeks.


Before using this treatment, test a smaller area of the skin by applying the lemon juice with a cotton swab or ball. Wait 24 hours. Proceed with the treatment if no allergic reaction occurs.


Check any irregularly shaped dark spots with your doctor to you have to make sure that they are not indicators of a more serious problem like melanoma.