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Most kitchens that accommodate the occasional baking project have vanilla extract in the cupboard. However, some people wonder what to do with vanilla extract between baking projects. According to "Readers Digest," vanilla extract has a variety of other uses outside of cooking or baking. For those who prefer natural methods of treatment, vanilla extract can be used to treat a toothache.

Use a finger to rub vanilla extract on the affected area. The light pressure applied from the finger can provide relief for pain. Because vanilla extract contains a small concentration of alcohol, the extract may numb the gums around the painful tooth, recommends Parenttime.com. In addition, the scent of vanilla can have a calming effect, particularly with babies or young children.

Lightly soak a cotton ball or cotton swab with vanilla extract and apply it to the gums as an alternate method. The cotton ball or cotton swab can be rubbed on or dabbed around the affected area, advises Foxnews.com. Some patients choose to allow the cotton ball to remain on the affected area for several minutes.

Repeat the application of the vanilla extract as needed. It’s important for patients to be aware that home remedies such as these may only provide temporary relief. Patients may need to implement a formal treatment method in addition to applying the vanilla extract. If a patient experiences pain for more than to two to three days without relief, he should contact his dentist or primary care physician.