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You want full, thick hair that is full of body, but you have thin, slow-growing strands that fall flat. “More” magazine states that you can stimulate hair growth and increase volume by using products that invigorate your scalp and follicles, as well as keep your locks moisturized and pampered. Look for products that will help you make the most of the hair you have and take care of it while you encourage it to grow.

Phyto Botanical Scalp Stimulant

Start treating your hair before you even shampoo it with Phyto Botanical Scalp Stimulant, says “More.” This product promises to moisturize and strengthen dry, damaged hair, as well as calm your scalp, which will help lessen the amount of hair loss you experience. It contains a blend of essential oils to clean and refresh your hair and scalp while it helps to regulate your scalp’s production of sebum. This will get rid of any dandruff or other types of buildup that may be clogging your follicles and inhibiting growth. It claims to add shine and overall health to your strands and to invigorate your scalp by increasing circulation and stimulating growth. The company states that this product is for those with “weak or slightly thinning hair.”

Ted Gibson Hair Sheets

Essence.com states that Ted Gibson Hair Sheets will not only add shine to your hair, but that they also contain two types of ingredients that work to encourage growth. First, the wild orchid extract helps to normalize and nourish your scalp, which will unclog follicles and encourage better blood circulation. The second ingredient, lavender oil, stimulates hair growth by locking in the product’s moisturizers and nutrients into every strand. The company promises that these hair sheets will help repair weak, thin hair and improve its elasticity, all while providing your hair with a pleasant scent. It works from the tips to the roots to make your hair fuller, softer and healthier.

Fekkai Ageless All-Day Hair Plump

If your hair’s cuticles appear damaged, “More” recommends using Fekkai Ageless All-Day Hair Plump, which works to fill out frayed cuticles and make your hair look and feel fuller. This leave-in conditioning product promises to plump up and thicken your hair, as well as make it smoother. It claims to provide deep nourishment to strands and to keep your hair looking fuller throughout the day. The company states that this product’s bio-conditioning ingredients work with your hair to strengthen and repair it. This will encourage healthier growth, as well as get rid of multiple signs of wear and tear, making your locks both thicker and more luxurious.

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