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Metagenics detox products are a line of nutritional foods sold exclusively through health care providers. In order to find a retailer of Metagenics detox products, put your zip code into the company website for a listing of local practitioners. To follow the detox diet, purchase the Metagenics medical foods and eat a very restrictive diet.


During the Metagenics detox diet, plan to eliminate many food groups from your diet. On the first day, avoid all foods containing refined sugars, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, sweeteners and all meats. During days two and three, eliminate all dairy foods, eggs and gluten grains. On day four, get rid of remaining grain products, nuts and seeds. Eliminate legumes and most fruits on day five.


The diet allows three meals and two snacks per day. The foods allowed throughout the duration of the detox plan include cruciferous vegetables, raw greens, fresh apples, fresh pears, sugar-free apple and sugar-free pear juice. By day eight of the diet, start to add back food items into your diet, such as fruits and white rice. On day nine, you may eat some grains, such as quinoa and millet and legumes and nuts.


By day two of the detox plan, you are instructed by the manufacturer to include the company’s medical food into your diet. The concentrated powder is mixed with 8 to 10 oz. of water. To improve taste, you may add approved fruits and vegetables. On days two and three, consume only one scoop two times per day. On day four, take two scoops twice a day. Days four through seven require you have two scoops of the medical food four times each day. For the last three days, decrease the amount to two scoops three times per day.


A 28-day version of the Metagenics detox plan is available. The difference between plans is the elimination and reintroduction of foods at a more gradual pace. During the first six days, remove common food allergens from the diet, which are identified by the Metagenics program as milk, cheese, grains with gluten, soy products, eggs, nuts and seeds. Days seven to 13 are considered detox days, while the remainder of the month you reintroduce foods into the diet. Eight glasses of water per day and plenty of sleep are other recommendations of this plan.


Detox is a controversial practice with limited scientific evidence. According to the Consumer Reports website, science does not support the idea that organs trap toxins and require cleaning. By limiting the foods you eat, the Metagenics diet may put you at risk for nutritional deficiencies, stomach upset, low energy levels and blood-sugar problems. Check with a health care provider before starting any detox program.