Calculator and notebook with pen

Price per serving is an indication of the cost of each portion of a type of food. It is used most often when calculating the price of a single meal. If a meal is one serving of meat, one serving of vegetables, and one serving of bread, the cost of the meal is the sum of the three ingredient prices per serving. Restaurants use price per serving when calculating how much to charge for their foods and beverages.

Find the total price of the food item. If it is a box of cookies, this is the total cost of the box of cookies. If using a recipe, the total price will be the sum of all the ingredient prices. If a recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, do not add the total cost of the bag of sugar. Divide the total cost of the bag by the number of cups in the bag and use that value instead.

Find the number of servings of the item. If the item is prepackaged and bought from a store, the number of servings will be listed on the Nutrition Facts. If using a recipe, the recipe will indicate how many servings it makes. If neither is available, use good judgment and prior experience to estimate the number of servings.

Divide the total price by the number of servings to get the price per serving.