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Excess poundage is a common problem; the National Institutes of Health states that almost two thirds of the United States population is overweight. The NIH advises a well-balanced, low-calorie diet and more exercise. Some people turn to homeopathic remedies for weight loss. Homeopathic medicine is based on the principle of "like cures like;" to treat symptoms, a small amount of a substance is given that--in larger amounts--would cause the same symptoms in a healthy person. Homeopathy should not replace medical treatment; consult your doctor before you try homeopathic remedies.

Calcarea Carbonate

Calcarea carbonate is made from oyster shells. According to Beneforce, the mother-of-pearl layer is separated from the rest of the shell, ground up and triturated with lactose to form the mother tincture. As with all homeopathic remedies, the tincture is then diluted many times in succession, so that only an infinitesimal amount remains; homeopaths believe that a memory, or "essence," of the original substance is retained. lists Calcarea carbonate as a remedy for reducing fat. Homeopaths believe remedies must be selected with the patient's personality and physical type in mind. notes that fair-complexioned people who catch cold easily and tend towards overweight can benefit from Calcarea carbonate. Beneforce states that shy, placid and contented people who are sluggish, feeble and lethargic may be helped by this remedy. Ask your doctor before taking Calcarea carbonate.


The Graphites remedy is made from carbon. Herbs 2000 recommends it for metabolic disorders, as well as for treating obesity that results from an inability to absorb proper nutrients; the website adds that the Graphites personality type is quiet, gentle and pleasant. Blue Shield Complementary and Alternative Health says that the Graphites remedy is also used for edema when the cause of the edema is nonmedical and minor in nature, such as excessive dietary salt and premenstrual stress. Consult a health professional before taking Graphites.

Pulsatilla Nigricans

Pulasatilla nigricans, made from meadow anemone is particularly indicated for gentle and easygoing people who are moved easily to both tears and laughter, and who crave sweets. According to, Pulsatilla personality types feel better when in the open air; if the patient has an aversion to fatty foods, but gains weight anyway, this is another indication for Pulsatilla. According to Herbs 2000, homeopaths may advise Pulsatila for digestive complaints--such as indigestion and nausea--that stem from dietary overindulgence. Consult your physician before taking Pulsatilla for weight loss.

Safety and Efficacy

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine states that there is little clinical evidence to support homeopathy's effectiveness for specific conditions, but notes that some individual observational studies point to positive effects of homeopathy. The NCCAM adds that homeopathic remedies, when taken under the supervision of professional practitioners, are considered safe.