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Herbal company, Traditional Medicinals, manufactures Smooth Move laxative teas and capsules. The best-selling Smooth Move brand is based on centuries old European herbal formulations to promote regularity. A natural chemical-free gentle laxative such as Smooth Move is effective in quick, safe relief from the occasional occurrence and effects of constipation. The fast-acting overnight formula often results in less bloating and weight loss from elimination.

Constipation and Weight Gain

Constipation affects as many as 4.5 million Americans on an ongoing basis, according to Harvard Health Publication's website, Mercksource. Factors that cause constipation include dehydration, lack of fiber in the diet, side-effects of medications and inactivity. Constipation can be painful and uncomfortable, causing cramping and stress in the abdominal region. It can lead to lack of appetite, nausea, bloating and headaches. Without proper bowel movements, the waste buildup causes temporary weight gain.


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The main active ingredient in Smooth Move is senna, a powerful but gentle leaf with laxative properties, safe for occasional use to promote regularity. Senna is also a mild stimulant that reduces appetite along with its purgative effects. Smooth Move is blended with other organic herbs including licorice, bitter fennel, sweet orange, cinnamon, ginger and coriander to sooth the colon and assist in movement, promoting regularity.

Safety of Smooth Move Products

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Traditional Medicinals has been producing Smooth Move for over 30 years. The company worked with certified herbalists and have developed intimate relationships with their farmers and harvesters to ensure consistent access to organic or wild ingredients and pharmacopoeial grade herbs to provide "reliable teas and other herbal products formulated with our knowledge of Traditional Herbal Medicine and the most modern scientific methods of quality assurance."

Using Smooth Move Products

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To use Smooth Move tea, Traditional Medicinals recommends brewing a cup of tea by pouring 8 oz. of freshly boiled water over a tea bag, let steep covered for 10 to 15 minutes, and drink just before bedtime. You should see results the next morning. Smooth Move comes in its original or chocolate flavor, and capsules are also available.

Weight Loss with Smooth Move

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For occasional constipation, a product such as Smooth Move can get your body back on track, including minor weight loss as a result. Used in any way besides occasional relief from constipation should be discussed with your physician as health risks are involved. Smooth Move is formulated to assist in regularity along with eating a well-balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise and drinking lots of water. This should encourage healthy regular bowel movements that eliminate toxins and bulky excess, helping your body feel lighter and cleaner.