Almond oil and almonds
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Almonds are a healthful part of a balanced diet because they contain the beneficial fatty acid omega-3, which improves brain function and circulation. The benefits of the all-mighty almond don’t stop at being a nutritious snack. A topical application of the oil from this wonder nut benefits the face in several ways.

Magic Makeup Remover

Lightweight almond oil serves as a makeup remover and is gentle enough to remove eye makeup. The light oil makes it possible to wipe off cosmetics without tugging and pulling, and it does not leave a heavy, oily residue on your skin. Apply the almond oil to a tissue and wipe your face gently to clean it.

Anti-Aging Antioxidant

As a powerful antioxidant, almond oil can repair sun damage on your face. The monounsaturated fats in the oil keep cell membranes healthy, reducing the appearance of aging.

Mega Moisturizer

As a lightweight oil, almond oil won’t clog pores, which makes it an effective facial moisturizer. Wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser and then massage a small dab of the oil over your face. As it seeps into skin, almond oil reduces irritation from itchy skin, psoriasis and mild eczema.