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Aloe vera plants have been used historically for treating dry skin and healing wounds. Since your baby’s young skin is delicate, you may find yourself wondering if aloe vera is a natural remedy that is safe for him, or if a decorative aloe vera plant is safe to have in your home.

Plant Description

The aloe vera plant is related to the cactus. Each plant has about 15 to 30 fleshy leaves that are used for a variety of medical purposes. Aloe vera plants are often used as decoration in homes. It is safe to have an ornamental aloe vera plant in your home and around your baby.

Aloe Resin

Aloe resin is a solid residue that comes from evaporating latex from the cells in aloe vera leaves. When taken by mouth, this resin acts as an oral laxative and helps to treat constipation. However, taking the resin by mouth can lower blood sugar levels and can be hard on your baby’s kidneys. Drugs.com also states that it can cause congenital malformations in children. The oral use of aloe resin is not recommended for babies or any child under 12 years of age.

Aloe Gel

Aloe gel is found in the inner tissue of an aloe vera plant leaf. It has been used to treat burns, dry skin and skin infections. This may be because of the aloe vera’s moisturizing effect that prevents air from drying the wound and improves blood circulation through the area. It is also possible to rub an open leaf directly onto a wound to get the benefits of the plant. It is best to ask your baby’s doctor before using aloe vera products on her.

Safe Alternatives

If your baby has a burn or skin infection, it is best to call his doctor. The doctor may want to offer other methods of treatment. If your baby is constipated, you can try rubbing his stomach in a circular motion and encouraging him to get a lot of movement to keep things moving along. If he has dry skin, try to use lotion to keep his skin moisturized and cut down on baths that can dry his skin.


Your baby is sensitive and susceptible to many ingredients. It is important to talk to your baby’s doctor before using any type of medication, treatment or remedy on your baby.