What to Look For

Electric shavers for women are usually less powerful and effective than razors sold for men. Some women prefer to use men’s razors rather than those for women. However, there are a few women’s razors that offer superior cutting technology. Look for razors with multiple cutting surfaces and wet-dry capabilities. Consumer Search.com recommends the Panasonic Close Curves ES 2206AC for a close and effective shave for women. The Remington R7130 Flex 360, designed as a men’s razor, is equally effective as a women’s razor, according to Consumer Search. Galt Tech.com recommends the Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves rechargeable Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver for a cordless version that is very portable.

Common Pitfalls

The problem with many women’s shavers is that they do not cut as closely as a flat razor blade. This means that it will be necessary to shave nearly every day to keep the hair short. Some versions of women’s razors are not compatible with wet use, which increases the time required to get ready. Some ladies choose to use men’s razors as they are designed for sensitive skin and a close shave. Many of the problems with women’s razors can be avoided by choosing a men’s shaver.

Where to Buy

Purchase women’s electric shavers from any beauty supply or household good retailer. It is possible to find several brands at large retail centers like Wal-Mart and Target. Amazon.com also offers a large variety of men's and women’s razors with discounts on older models and discontinued products. Online stores, such as Drugstore.com and Salon Savings.com also offer a large variety of razor brands and prices. Look for stores that offer the Panasonic, Remington and Revlon for the best quality for ladies electric shavers.


The cost for women’s electric shavers varies greatly. It is possible to find a razor as low as $20, but there are also shavers that cost over $150. The best part about buying a women’s razor is that the price is usually less than a men’s shaver. Expect to pay between $30 and $80 for a quality women's electric shaver. The Panasonic Close Curves ES 2206AC costs about $25 as of 2010. The Remington R7130 Flex 360 costs about $80 as of 2010. The Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves rechargeable Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver costs about $25 as of 2010. Prices will fluctuate depending on the store and if there are any specials or discounts on a particular model.