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Growing out your hair takes time, and patience sometimes wears thin. During the course of one year, your hair grows at different rates, with a majority of your strands in their active phase. During active growing, some of your hair is resting and preparing to shed. This is perfectly normal. In some cases, however, the rate of hair growth may be a bit slower. Thyroid conditions and nutritional deficiency play a major role in hair growth and health.

Beat two eggs in a bowl with 2 tbsp. water. Use the fork to beat until fluffy. Apply to your hair, starting at the root and working outward to the tips of your strands. Allow to set for 10 to 15 minutes, and wash with a mild shampoo and warm water, suggests HairStyleCity.com.

Drink a daily cup of green tea to stimulate blood flow to your scalp. According to Hair Boutique, experts believe that green tea helps to increase blood flow throughout your body by relaxing blood vessels. This would promote rapid hair growth as the stimulation reaches your scalp.

Mix one mashed avocado with 1 tbsp. honey and 2 tbsp. olive oil in a bowl. The consistency of your mixture will be creamy, according to HairStyleCity.com. Apply throughout your hair from root to tip, and allow to remain in your tresses for up to 20 minutes. Wash out with a mild shampoo and warm water.

Snack on almonds or cashews throughout your day. Almonds and cashews are high in magnesium, according to Hair Boutique. Magnesium promotes healthy, faster hair growth by providing your hair with proper nourishment. Tofu, hard-boiled eggs and yogurt are also ideal foods for hair growth.

Mix together one mashed banana and one to two drops of almond oil in a bowl, making sure that it is mixed well. Apply to your hair and leave on for 15 to 30 minutes, allowing the hair mask to penetrate your follicles and individual strands. Wash out with a gentle shampoo and warm water.

Consume plenty of protein-rich foods, suggest Hair Boutique. Your hair is made up of complex proteins, making sense that dietary proteins would support rapid, healthy hair growth. Ideal foods for getting adequate protein include lean meats, poultry, nuts, seeds and beans.