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Skin discoloration is normally a result of the skin's natural pigmentation, called melanin, overproducing in any given area. This discoloration affects the topmost layer of skin, leaving you with brown patches. The main culprit in melanin overproduction is excess sun exposure. Poor diet, liver problems and indigestion have also been known to cause skin discoloration, according to CareFair.com. The key to treating this condition is to eliminate the discoloration while preventing it from returning. Before starting any home or natural treatments, it is important to consult your physician to rule out any underlying medical causes.

Apply the juice of one lemon to your discolored skin twice daily with a cotton ball. According to "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies," lemon juice is acidic enough to remove the top layer of discolored skin. With continued use, results should be apparent within six to eight weeks. Rubbing your skin with a sliced red onion provides the same effects, as onion juice and lemon juice contain the same acidity.

Wash your face with extra virgin olive oil and a warm, wet washcloth. According to CareFair.com, over-the-counter cleansing creams are harsh on your skin, and can actually worsen skin discoloration. Extra virgin olive oil is gentle on your skin and adds moisture, helping fade brown skin spots. Apply olive oil to your skin and wipe clean with a warm, wet washcloth. Follow with a lemon juice and water rinse for added fading benefits.

Massage castor oil into your discolored skin when a rough top layer texture is present. According to "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies," applying castor oil to discoloration twice daily may help smooth out the skin as well and break down excess melanin. Larger spots benefit from wearing a bandage soaked with castor oil overnight.

Eat plenty of vitamin C-enriched foods, such as broccoli and citrus fruits. Vitamin C is essential for your skin as it fights the free radicals responsible for skin discoloration, according to CareFair.com. Vitamin C also aides with tissue repair, helping your skin to heal properly from the inside out.

Drink a daily tea made from burdock, red clover or milk thistle to cleanse the blood stream and help remove skin discoloration. These herbs, according to CareFair.com, are antioxidants responsible for cleaning your body of environmental toxins. Purchase these herbs at your local health food store.