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You might be meticulous about your hair during the daytime hours, but do little to take care of your hair while asleep. As you toss and turn overnight, your hair cuticles get roughened up by rubbing on pillowcases -- and you get that just-woke-up look in the morning. A tight ponytail at nighttime can also tear at your hair. Make nighttime a restorative part of your hair-care routine so your morning 'do is not a don't.

Invest in a silk scarf or silk pillowcases, which are less abrasive to your hair than traditional cotton pillowcases. When you toss and turn, silk allows your hair to slide across the pillow for less fraying and frizz. Or wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed to protect it from rubbing and keep your hair firmly in place while you sleep, no matter how much you move around.

Tie up your hair with a soft hair tie if you prefer to sleep in a ponytail. Tight hair ties with metal pieces can tear at your hair throughout the night, and create pull around your forehead. Instead, use a soft scrunchy or bandanna to keep your hair out of your face at night. You'll also avoid the annoying hair creases from tight elastics when you wake up.

Wash your hair and enjoy a daily shower at night. Your hair will dry overnight and negate the need for heated styling tools in the morning that can damage your hair. If you don't like the way your hair dries naturally, comb through a gel or mousse and braiding your hair loosely. In the morning, you'll have soft and healthy waves.

Apply a small amount of oil to the ends of your hair before you go to bed at night. Use hair oil purchased from a drugstore, or mineral or olive oil. The ends of your hair tend to be drier that your roots, so a little extra moisture before bed can keep them looking smooth and shiny.