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Perioral wrinkles, or lip wrinkles that appear above the top lip, can add years to a person's appearance. Common causes of upper lip wrinkles are smoking, aging, genetics and repetitive facial expressions. Cosmetic procedures used to diminish the appearance of upper lip wrinkles include laser skin resurfacing and collagen injections; yet many people prefer to use less-evasive methods of diminishing perioral wrinkles such as facial exercise and natural remedies that can be performed in the comfort of the home.

Mix a small amount of honey with 2 tbsp. of uncooked oatmeal. Combine the ingredients until you have a thick paste and massage it into the upper lip area.

Relax for 10 to 15 minutes. After allowing the face scrub to soak into the skin, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Sit down, facing a mirror. Open your mouth as if you were about to yawn. Hold your lips approximately 1 1/2 inches apart, and slowly lower your upper lip downward towards your lower lip.

Hold your upper lip steady in the downward position. Move the middle part of your upper lip outwards, elongating the lip as though trying to smile. The upper lip should be stretched outwards only by the work of the muscle located in the upper lip, and not by using the corners of your mouth.

Gradually relax the upper lip's horizontal hold. Draw the lip upward to it's original starting position. According to Santa Maria Runge, in her book "Face Lifting by Exercise," if you perform this drill five or six times per day in quick succession, you should start to see a reduction in wrinkles in just one week.

Place both thumbs inside your upper lip, with your thumbnails facing your gums. Your thumbs should be approximately one and a half inches apart. Move your upper lip muscles towards your thumbs in eight small motions, until the upper lips are pressed firmly around your thumbs. Maintain the position of your thumbs.

Maintain the position of your thumbs. Hold the pose while counting to five. Keeping your thumbs in the same spot, and in eight movements return the upper lip muscles to the starting position.


In the hour before you perform the exercises drink two glasses of water and make sure your face is warm. Warm, well-hydrated skin is more flexible than cold, dry skin.

Use a natural non-petroleum based moisturizer and apply to your lip area twice a day. It is difficult for wrinkles to form when the skin is soft and pliable.