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Ingrown hairs typically occur after hair removal. When hair begins to grow back, it can get trapped under the skin and curl into itself, causing those pesky razor bumps. Instead of trying to squeeze the hairs free, which can cause an infection, both "Cosmopolitan" and "Essence" recommend using a product like Tend Skin to help reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs and make them less likely to come back. Tend Skin makes products designed to reduce the redness and irritation of razor burn. Both men and women can use these products on multiple areas of their bodies.

Wash your skin with a mild soap before hair removal to make your hair softer and easier to remove, and to prevent bacteria and impurities from getting into the hair follicles, which can cause irritation or infection.

Remove hair as desired by shaving, waxing or applying depilatories. Follow the specific package directions for waxes and depilatory creams, and use a sharp razor if you choose to shave.

Rinse off your skin and any leftover hair-removal product. Pat it gently with a towel to dry. Do not rub your skin, since this can cause irritation.

Test Tend Skin on a small area of your skin first to check for any adverse reactions. Wait five minutes to see if irritation develops, and if it does, do not use the product.

Use a cotton ball to apply the original Tend Skin Liquid to the entire area where you have removed hair, if no rash develops on the test area. You can also use the Tend Skin Refillable Roll On instead, which "Essence" recommends. The magazine notes that the roll-on product is easier to apply, especially to areas that may be harder to reach, like your bikini line. Dab the product onto your skin and allow it to dry before dressing. Do not wash it off. Continue to apply Tend Skin twice a day until your ingrown hairs are gone.

Apply a gentle moisturizer or aftershave gel to your skin once the Tend Skin has dried. This will soothe your skin and keep it from getting dried out.


Do not use Tend Skin if you are allergic to aspirin.

Do not use exfoliants while also using Tend Skin, as this can lead to excess irritation.

Tend Skin can stain fabrics, leather and carpet.