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If you're tired of shaving every day or dread the pain of waxing, you might consider switching to a product like Nair. Nair is a depilatory that contains agents that painlessly dissolve hair, leaving you with baby smooth skin for days and stubble that grows in softer. While early version of these creams and lotions were often messy and smelly, product formulations have been greatly improved over the years. Nair products include easy-to-use in-shower versions and creams with moisturizing ingredients and pleasing fragrances. A few simple tips ensure your hair removal experience is as effective and trouble-free as possible.

Prepare Skin

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Exfoliate your skin. Dead skin cells can build up and block hair follicles, causing ingrown hairs, so exfoliate your skin a day or two before using Nair for better hair removal and smoother skin. Check the area where you want to remove hair to ensure it's in good condition. Avoid using Nair or any other depilatory and wait for your skin to heal if skin is irritated, inflamed, sunburned or has cuts or scrapes.

Perform Patch Test

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Do a patch test 24 hours before application. Even if you’ve used the product before, irritation or an allergic reaction can occur, and different areas of your skin can respond differently. Test the area where you’ll be removing hair by applying a small amount of product and removing according to the directions. Proceed with the full application only if your skin looks normal after 24 hours.

Use as Directed

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Depending on the formulation, Nair products can be used on the arms, underarms, legs or bikini area. However, they should not be used on the face, nipples, or genital areas since irritation can occur. If you accidentally get the product in those areas, wash it off thoroughly with lukewarm water. If you experience irritation, consult your doctor.

Proper Application and Timing

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Squeeze the lotion or cream into the palm of your hand, and smooth it on the area where you want to remove hair. Apply the product in a thick, even layer, covering the hair. Avoid rubbing the product in, which can irritate the skin. Wash your hands immediately after applying the lotion. After leaving the lotion on for 3 minutes, check a small area by wiping it with a damp washcloth. If hair does not come off easily, leave the lotion on a few minutes longer, but no longer than ten. Thick or coarse hair will take longer to be removed.

Remove Thoroughly and Protect Skin

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Use a damp washcloth to gently wipe off all the lotion and hair without rubbing. When all the hair has been removed, rinse your skin completely with lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry. Don’t apply self tanner, perfume, makeup, deodorants or anti-perspirants for 24 hours after hair removal.

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