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Hand-held galvanic facial machines are not only affordable but effective anti-aging tools. "Galvanic is an electric current that is applied to the skin by way of conductive gels. It works on the principle of like charges repelling each other," says certified esthetician Jeffrie Ann Hall. When used in combination with specially charged gels, galvanic facial machines may smooth skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, clarify skin tone and give sagging skin a lift.

Cleanse your face and neck with your usual product. Dry your face with a towel by gently patting the skin. Apply facial toner with a cotton ball or with a spritzer bottle. Allow your skin to dry naturally.

Apply the pre-treatment gel to one half of your face and neck. Look in the mirror for placement reference. Push the start button that on most machines will also indicate a specific treatment time. Use a kitchen timer or watch if the machine does not offer this feature. The Nu Skin Company, a major manufacturer of galvanic machines, recommends choosing two minutes for this portion of the treatment.

Wet your hand and grip the device, making sure your fingers are in contact with the conductive part of the machine. Start your facial by touching the end of the galvanic machine to your skin. Move the unit around your face and neck where you applied the pre-treatment gel. Stop when the timer goes off or the machine indicates the treatment is done. Rinse off the remaining gel. Repeat these steps on the other side.

Smooth the treatment gel onto one half of your face and neck. Choose your treatment time according to the directions for the specific machine. Set your timer or again follow the manufacturer's guidelines for time selection. Hall recommends three to five minutes for the main treatment.

Wet your hand as you did for the pre-treatment phase. Make contact with your cheek and proceed with the treatment by moving the device around smoothly. Rinse and dry your skin. Move on to the other side of your face, using the same directions.

Turn off the unit by pushing the power button. Remove any gel residue with a damp towel. Apply any additional skin care products such as serum, moisturizer or sunscreen at this time.


Keep contact with the device at all times during the treatment to ensure the current stays consistent. Should you lose contact, simply adjust your hand and continue.

If your treatment gel dries out during the treatment, add a little water to your skin with your free hand to keep the unit moving smoothly.