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Tennis player Stan Smith once said, “Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.” Many people lack self-confidence and self-esteem. Instead of feeling capable and unstoppable, they feel scared and withdrawn. Professional counseling, life coaching and self-help books are available to assist in building confidence, courage and determination.

What’s Holding You Back?

Co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Jack Canfield describes this book as “A must-read for anyone who would like to be more polished, poised, powerful at work, at home, in social settings, at school, and in sports.” Author Sam Horn includes advice on the importance of a smile in making a good first impression, how to converse with comfort, how to stop falling into the comparison trap and how to put the past in the past and keep it there. The book is well-suited for introverts looking to boost their self-confidence and social skills.

Unstoppable Confidence!

In “Unstoppable Confidence!: How to Use the Power of NLP to be More Dynamic and Successful,” author and certified neurolinguistic programming trainer Kent Sayre simplifies the science of “natural language processing.” He breaks it down into simple techniques geared at teaching readers to step outside of their previously defined limits and boost their self-confidence.

Speaker and real estate multimillionaire Ron LeGrand says that this book gives readers the “ability to communicate effectively” and “should be required reading for all schools.” It includes chapters like Overcoming Obstacles in the Path to Success, Your Beliefs and How They Affect You and The Body Language of Confidence.

Unleash the Warrior Within

Author Richard Machowicz takes principles of combat he learned as a Navy SEAL and translates them into actionable steps designed to help readers gain self-confidence and achieve their goals. The military trained him to complete every mission on time under any and all conditions and taught him that failure was never an option.

The book urges readers to break down their fears into individual components to help overcome worries and stress in simple, potent prose, and includes chapters like The Three Dynamic Elements of Combat, Crush the Enemy Called Fear, Create an Action Mind-set, The Four Critical Keys to Conquering Anything, Master Your Weapons, Guarantee to Win and Never Grow Complacent.

The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence

Former Major League Baseball player and Mets bench coach Sandy Alomar, Sr. discovered “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence” in 1992. Since then, he has recommended it to scores of professional baseball players who struggle with self-confidence issues. One of those players, Cliff Floyd, states “I read this book and it puts me at ease…It basically tells me to trust what I do and be sure of myself. I know that I am more at peace because of it.”

Dr. Robert Anthony has filled the book with nuggets of wisdom like, “Unless you perceive your own true worth as a person, you cannot come close to achieving total self-confidence,” and outlines concrete step-by-step principles for building self-confidence.