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Swimsuit season initiates the search for the most figure-flattering swimsuit that will make you feel confident -- not self-conscious -- while on the beach. When you're in the market for a two-piece swimsuit, remember that in addition to a flattering style, fit is important. This means you should pay close attention to size, and should not have areas where the suit appears to pinch.

Dark-Colored Suit

Choosing a bikini that is a dark color in the area you wish to minimize is a great way to look slimmer, according to Today.com. For example, if your legs, hips or buttocks are areas of concern, wear a black, navy, eggplant or deep-brown bottom. If you want to minimize your bustline, wear a dark top. For the most slimming allover look, simply select a dark suit.

High-Cut Leg

A swimsuit with a high-cut leg can make your legs appear longer. You can achieve this with a string-tie bikini that can be pulled higher on your hips. Tie the bottom tightly, but not so tight that any flesh protrudes over the string. If you do not want to purchase a string-side bottom, select a bottom that can be easily angled upward.

Halter-Top Bikini

A halter-top bikini gives the chest a lifted appearance, according to MoreSwimsuits.com. Choose a suit that has thick straps, roughly an inch across or more to flatter your shoulders, as well as your bust. If you want to enhance your bust, insert small foam chest padding, which is available at most discount and fabric stores. A top that's less figure-flattering is the bandeau, which is worn straight across the bust. This can flatten the chest or slip down if not properly fitted.