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While the controversy surrounding colon cleansing and detoxification continues, more and more Americans are turning to alternative methods for achieving and sustaining bodily health. Though there have been few independent studies performed on the effectiveness of colon cleansing, proponents of the practice claim increased energy, better digestion and a stronger immune system as a result of the cleansing process. Most colon cleanse pills contain psyllium husks–a natural high-fiber source that mimics the consistency of intestinal mucus when wet and dramatically increases fecal production.

Carefully read the instructions listed on the label of your colon cleanse pill product. Most cleanse pills recommend taking one pill in the morning and increasing frequency until you experience two to three bowel movements per day. Check the instructions and contact your personal physician if you have additional questions.

Begin your colon cleanse by taking a pill immediately upon waking up, with a glass of prune juice or water. Arrange your schedule so that you can take a break to use the rest room roughly two hours after your first pill.

Continue taking one pill a day in the morning for the first three days, then gradually increase your dosage, swallowing the additional pill with liquid during lunch or before dinner.

Increase your dosage to three pills a day taken throughout the day when comfortable and continue the colon cleanse process until you are regularly having three strong bowel movements each day. Continue for 10 to 30 days or as suggested by your product.


While the dosage is typically consistent between pills, some products may recommend a different rate and quantity for taking the product. When in doubt, always refer to the instructions on the product label or website and consult your doctor if you have further questions.


Aside from the discomfort before your bowel movement, if you experience any strong, stabbing pains due to the colon cleanse, discontinue the cleanse immediately. As the forced excretions are often very dehydrating, drink plenty of fluids to sustain your health while limiting dehydrating substances such as alcohol or caffeine.