Mid section view of a woman applying moisturizer to her body
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Years of sun worship gave you a deep-golden tan that was the envy of island vacationers. The downside is that it also left you with spots, freckles and a crepey skin texture. This sun damage is often most noticeable on the chest and can really show your age. While a complete reversal of the sun damage is unrealistic, some techniques will lessen the appearance. A little TLC, and soon your skin will have a natural healthy glow instead of a leather-like sheen.

Exfoliate the skin on your chest once per day using a face or body wash containing 5- to 8-percent solution of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a mild chemical that dissolves dead skin cells and speeds cell turnover.

Rub an anti-aging cream containing antioxidants thoroughly over the sun-damaged area once a day. Look for antioxidants such as retinol or vitamin C which rebuild collagen and reverse the ultra-violet damage to your skin cells. These products are both readily available at drug stores and mass market retailers.

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your chest area daily, even when it is cloudy outside. Opt for a sunscreen containing 5- to 10-percent zinc or titanium, or 3-percent mexoryl, according to Dr. Brandith Irwin at Skin Tour.


If your skin does not respond to these treatments, or you want more dramatic results, visit a dermatologist who can perform laser peels, microdermabrasion and other office procedures to reverse the sun damage.