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Waxing as a method of hair removal can leave your skin soft and smooth, but it can also leave it red and prone to irritation. To reduce the swelling, redness and irritation immediately following waxing, be extra careful to not put anything on your skin that could exacerbate irritation. Wearing the right type of clothes, using approved lotions and cleansers, and applying cold compresses can all help you feel better in the first few hours following your waxing appointment.

Ask your salon technician what type of lotion she recommends immediately following the waxing. Most salons use a lotion immediately following the session that can help soothe and calm the skin. A lotion listing aloe or lavender as one of the main ingredients can help to soothe any pain or burning, and it can also calm redness.

Avoid cleansing the area with harsh soaps or exfoliating creams for the first 24 hours immediately following your waxing appointment, recommends Get Waxed, a salon in Venice, California. These can irritate the skin and may even cause you pain. To cleanse, simply take a cool shower that will help to soothe your skin without irritating it. Exfoliating your skin with scrubs can cause your just-waxed skin to become red and even bleed.

Apply a cold compress to the area that was waxed if it feels hot or painful. Just fold a washcloth and hold it under the coldest water possible from your tap. Squeeze out the excess moisture, and press it to the just-waxed skin for immediate relief and swelling reduction.

Avoid touching the area as much as you can. While you may want to show off your new smooth skin or keep touching it to experience how different it feels, you may be transferring the bacteria from your hands and other people's hands to the vulnerable skin that is already prone to infection. Wait 24 hours before you touch or run your hands over your skin, and make sure that your hands are clean.

Wear loose underwear or clothes around the area that you've waxed. Tight clothing constricts the area and traps sweat underneath. The rubbing of the tight clothing can irritate the sensitive skin, and the sweat provides the ideal breeding ground for germs.


Remember to wear loose clothing to your salon waxing appointment.