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Breast size, according to Kid’sHealth.org, is mostly determined by heredity and body weight. Essential oils cannot make small breasts grow, in the traditional sense, but they can make them appear fuller and firmer. According to Valerie Ann Worwood, author of “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy," they can also help improve the appearance of age-related sagging breasts, and prevent stretch marks from breast-size fluctuations during pregnancy.

Cold Water Breast Treatment

Valerie Ann Worwood recommends diluting cypress oil in witch hazel, then adding this mixture to a bowl of cold water. She then recommends splashing each breast with the cold water mixture at least 10 times. According to Worwood, the combination of the cold water and oils will cause the tissue to contract which will make the breasts appear firmer and more lifted.

Warm Breast Massage Oil

Colleen K. Dodt, author of “The Essential Oils Book,” advocates blending clary sage, fennel and lemongrass oils with geranium in a base of jojoba oil. Massage the oil into your breasts, in a circular motion, each day. This blend should make the breasts appear fuller and firmer. For the best results, Dodt advocates applying this oil after breast-enhancing exercises, such as chest presses, chest flyes and push-ups, to produce more lift.

Cold Breast Massage Oil

Valerie Ann Worwood recommends massaging the breasts with an ice cup while sitting in a warm bath. To make an ice cup, freeze a paper cup of water, rip an inch off the top and use the rest of the cup as a handle. If the ice is too cold, splash your breasts with cold water from the tap instead. After the ice treatment, massage in an oil made from lemongrass, cypress and spearmint essential oils mixed with black pepper essential oil in a jojoba oil base. The combination of ice massage and essential oils will lift and firm the breasts and make them appear larger.

Breast Skin Cream

Shea butter is a natural moisturizer made from an African tree nut. Moisturize the skin around your breasts with a skin cream of shea butter and jojoba oil. Add essential oils of clary sage and angelica in addition to parsley, spearmint and hop to lift and firm the breasts and create a fuller profile. In its natural form, shea butter is a very firm, whitish substance. In order to make it creamy, melt it in the microwave, add the jojoba and essential oils, then blend it with a hand blender as it cools.