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Nausea is usually the precursor of an act the body performs called vomiting, where contents in the stomach get eliminated forcefully through the mouth. This occurs in the body as a symptom as opposed to an actual disease, and the triggers that can cause it stem from the intestines, brain and inner ear. Although there are some occasions where vomiting is induced, it is most often not wanted. There are various ways to prevent it.

Do not eat too much. If you eat a huge meal that contains a lot of high-calorie, greasy and sweet foods, you can cause yourself to vomit. Avoid this by eating smaller portions, spreading them out in 5 to 6 meals and eating them at a slow pace.

Eat clean food. A serious condition that can cause vomiting is food poisoning, which happens when pathogens and bacteria are ingested from food. This generally takes place in uncooked chicken and salads that are made with mayonnaise. To prevent this from happening, make sure not to eat foods that have been sitting out for a while and only eat meat that has been prepared properly.

Control your alcohol intake. Drinking one or two alcoholic beverages a day is said to be beneficial to the body. But when you drink an excessive amount quickly, your body has a hard time processing it and vomiting can occur. A good prevention measure is to limit your intake, drink slowly and alternate between drinks and water.

Watch your activity. The body needs fuel when exercising, but exercising too quickly after you get done eating can cause you to vomit. Wait 2 to 3 hours to work out after you get done eating to prevent this from happening.

Drink some sugary beverages. Sugary drinks are usually unwanted when it comes to the body, but they do offer one benefit; they can help decrease the urge to vomit. Drink soda, eat some ice pops or drink some fruit juice when you are feeling nauseous. Just make sure to sip on them.

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