In a world where 'organic' is the gold standard for everything from food, to bedding, to beauty products... there are hundreds of brands marketing each day that their products, too, are at this gold standard. Unfortunately, it's not always the case. Enter the term: Green Washing.

"Green Washing is essentially fooling or deceiving consumers into thinking a particular product is more natural and clean than it actually is, through unverified, misleading or false claims," says Charlie Denton, Founder of Crop Natural, a family-founded beauty brand out of Australia. "With the beauty industry being incredibly under-regulated and marketing claims being key drivers in generating consumer interest in products, green washing is more present in the industry than it has ever been."

The idea that green washing is so prevalent in the beauty industry makes you wonder why many companies can't truly create something verifiably clean.

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Finding a balance between clean, organic products and historical "luxury" products can be hard. Crop's certifications are among the strictest in the world for natural beauty products, "every body in the supply chain has to be independently audited and verified under COSMOS standard. This includes where the product is farmed, until it's finished," says Charlie. Crop has some serious knowledge behind it, as the Denton family has been in the beauty industry for 35+ years as a private label supplier of Cosmetics. (Crop is the first personal line they've launched, driven by his mother, the "architect" behind these natural formulations.)

Building a clean beauty brand that lives up to performance is no easy feat.

"When developing our products for Crop, our formulations weren't made to compete with our natural beauty counterparts, we aim for formulations that stack up against the entire beauty category," says Charlie. "What has really helped us here is the 35+ years experience in the beauty category and the backing of technical knowledge, we can really apply this to new technology that has not yet been seen in the natural beauty category."

The moral of the story is to ~do your research~ when it comes to buying into marketing claims. Check for verifications, sources and ask questions!

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