Believe it or not, cooking can be a fun part of the day, not just a chore. As long as you find fun activities to do that will make the experience more enjoyable, the time will fly by. What's more, cooking might even be a form of meditation, as well, where you're able to unwind and relax after a long day by doing something to calm your nerves.

Here are a few ways to make cooking at home more fun, as advised by Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, and author of The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club.

Listen to Something Stimulating

"Keep your ears busy. Listening to your favorite tunes, a podcast, or the news in the background allows you to enjoy your cooking time instead of just being stuck stirring your pot," she says.

You can even create your own cooking playlist, so you'll know what to expect when meal planning for the week. Some tunes might go better with certain meals, based on total cook time or theme. And, go for variety if you want, as well. Try a new Pandora station each night and see what works for you.

Catch Up with Friends

"A good wireless headset allows you to talk and cook at the same time, hands-free," she says. Take this time to broaden your social network and stay in contact with those who matter.

Between work, family, and other to-do's in life, it's hard to stay in touch with all those you care for, especially with friends or family who live far away. Take this time to check-in and see how everyone is doing.

Have a Good Set of Supplies

"Make sure you have good tools! Trying to chop with dull knives is the worst, and dangerous too. Using appropriate kitchen tools is key to a pleasant cooking experience," she says.

Use colorful bowls, spoons, and knives to give your eyes something fun to look at while cooking, as well.

Let the Kids Join In

"Get the kids involved. Cooking dinner doesn't need to be boring, spend some quality time with your children while they learn valuable life skills. Plus, they are more willing to eat what they help cook," she says. It's a win-win.

Prep on the Weekends

A little meal prep goes a long way. "Spending some time on the weekend chopping fruits and veggies can make evening meal time so much easier," she says.

That way, when you are weary after a long workday, it's much faster to get dinner on the table when you don't need to drag out the cutting board and knives. Clean up is quicker too, she adds.

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