A new subscription box has hit the market and it's not full of tchotchkes or beauty samples that will collect dust on your counter (you know it's true). I'm ecstatic to share a new water subscription box by Rising Springs, it's 100% geothermal spring water from Idaho's Sawtooth National Forest with a pH of 9.4 and a great amount of naturally occurring silica and fluoride. It helps you remember to actually drink enough water (one box lasts about one week) while also including lots of beauty-boosting benefits.

Besides general diet and exercise, something I've been focusing on the past six months has been my water quality. I even recently invested in a shower filter and powerful sink faucet filter, I've noticed a serious difference in my energy, skin and immune system. "It is important to know your source. Water's ability to be a universal solvent makes it capable of providing great health benefits, and it is also capable of delivering unwanted and undisclosed contaminants," says Founder & CEO of Rising Springs, Grey Hecht.

What's the deal with pH balanced water?

According to Dr. Kristi Wrightson-Harter, ND, RD, "Drinking water that is high in pH helps the body to balance it's own acidity. Most people have a diet that is low in pH due to consumption of animal products and processed foods. We need a more alkaline system so that our bodies can fight off infections, improve energy and metabolism, and have proper digestion."

What is silica and fluoride good for?

According to Hecht, "Silica is great for skin, hair and bone growth. Research findings also illuminate the importance of silica in supporting cognitive health by helping remove heavy metals like aluminum from the brain."

One of the most unique qualities Rising Springs offers is the great process they source their water from. "For 16,000 years, the water has been protected by the Idaho Batholith - a gigantic granite rock formation. As the water rises under its own tremendous pressure from 2.2 miles deep, it absorbs the silica and fluoride from the mineral terroir of the quartz crystal-lined fissures through which it travels. Heat, time and pressure in a sterile environment combine to make this magical solution," says Hecht. So, this water is actually passively "infused" with quartz crystal... how incredible is that?

Rising Springs is packaged in an environmentally-friendly low carbon footprint bag-in-a-box. The bag is #7 BPA-free plastic and the box is 100% recycled kraft.

A two-pack of 5-liter boxes retails for just $20, that's $40 per month (generally) for clean, nutrient-loaded water. Learn more here.