Manifestation may seem like one of those words or practices that is only for "wellness gurus and the spiritually connected," but it's actually something that every single person has the power to channel. You don’t need to be surrounded by crystals or have incense burning to practice it, either (although why not😉). All you need is an open mind a powerful belief in whatever it is you wish to manifest. To help you get started, here are a few beginner’s tips!

What is manifestation?

So, what is manifestation anyway? To put it briefly, it’s something that goes much deeper than a thought or a sign, it’s believing in something and willing it to happen through positive thought. Anyone is capable of manifesting something, it’s just a matter of truly believing what you want to happen and then willing it to become reality. Webster's defines the word manifest as "easily understood or recognized by the mind."

1. Let go of anxiety and resistance

Anxiety, resistance (intentional or not) and negative energy overall, are things that can prevent your manifestation from becoming reality. When you start to think of what you want—what your dreams are—doubt will likely try to creep into your mind. It’s important to keep this energy at bay and embrace the feeling you get when you think of your goals and wishes. Meditation can help with this, and over time, you’ll notice a new ability to keep a clear, positive mind.

2. Timing

You can practice manifestation anytime, anywhere, but some say it’s best to do it in the morning right before you start your day and in the evening right before bed. Your mind tends to be in a more vulnerable state during these times of the day, which means you’re more susceptible to the possibility of positive change.

3. Positive thoughts

This goes hand-in-hand with our first tip. You’ll want to keep things as positive as possible. Don’t let that inevitable doubt and fear enter your mind. To stay as relaxed as possible, you could diffuse your favorite essential oils or manifest while you’re taking a warm bath. Really just being in an environment that makes you feel relaxed will help.

4. Find a mantra and speak in the present tense

Probably one of the most important things to do when it comes to manifestation is choosing your mantra and reciting it as though it has already come true. During manifestation it’s very important to verbalize what you’re trying to manifest. For example, if you’re manifestation is about creating your dream job, you’ll want to say something like, “I love my job and the work I do every day.” Instead of “I will love my job and the work I do every day.” Doing this will help your mind believe it’s already true and is a powerful tool in manifesting the life you want.

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