At 1:05pm PST on February 15th, the first Solar Eclipse of 2018 will occur in the sign of Aquarius.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

“Solar Eclipse” is a description of time when the Moon moves in between the Sun and the Earth and thus obstructs the light of the Sun.

What does this mean?

A Solar Eclipse is a super-powered New Moon. New Moons are traditionally utilized for manifestation and beginning to lay the groundwork for new endeavors. A Solar Eclipse is a time to look back at what you learned during the Lunar Eclipse (January 31st, 2018), and then back even further to the last Solar Eclipse (August 21st, 2017), and integrate the new knowledge gained.

How can I work with the energy of this specific Eclipse?

This Solar Eclipse is happening in the fixed air sign, Aquarius, in opposition to the Lunar Eclipse that occurred in Leo last month. This month’s eclipse is bathed in innovative and integrative energy.

Eclipses come in pairs around every six months and allow us to use them as markers or milestones for our self-work, growth and achievement. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo left us with a lot to undo as it exposed us to our shadow parts and asked us to engage in learning to love them and bring them to light. But the upcoming Eclipse is a radical departure from the micro-world of exploring the depths of ego and expression. This time, it is important to understand and reflect on all that we have learned so that we may use it to help us contextualize ourselves in the larger world.

Aquarius is well-known for being a detached visionary; the water bearer that does not touch or engage with the water it carries. Water in Astrology is the intuitive, the sensitive, the instinctual and Aquarius tries to stay above this. But on this Solar Eclipse, as the watery Moon moves in, the energies collide.

Detachment is important: detachment from material possessions, from predetermined outcomes, and from other people’s negativity can save us from a lot of stress and heartache. But when it comes to success in the swirling material, energetic, emotional world around us, balance is key. All that we learned from this Eclipse season and the last, is now in need of integration, of balance.

The rawness of your shadow self and the parts of you that care deeply and passionately about the world around you [and the way that it perceives you] as well as the loyalty and creative expression of Leo, are best utilized when tempered with the cool and collected qualities of Aquarius. One energy is always missing something without the depth and nuance that the other provides. The amalgamation of these two energies is where we find the sweet spot of this eclipse.

The Sweet Spot: The place where we feel passion and compassion that can be put into perspective, where we release the ways that these emotions, and the material products of them, will be received by the larger world. When our innovation is not stifled by its ability to be digested by just anyone and everyone but instead just the right people, in the right places, at the right time. When we remember how to take space, reflect and revise from a place of compelled commitment.

The key to unlocking the potential of this Eclipse is offering yourself space to dream of a place that hangs in the balance so that you may someday learn to live there. To write about, talk through, and envision what moving with both the detachment of Aquarius and the passion of Leo can bring into your life. Eclipse season rattles us because it brings big lessons, ones that we are only able to handle and integrate at certain points in our lives. So, this Eclipse, know that you are ready and capable and deserving of miraculous epiphany and lean in to what the world is trying to whisper to you. The best thing you could do right now is listen and learn.

Jaliessa Sipress is a life-path Astrologer, writer and artist dedicated to making Astrology an accessible tool for navigation and healing. You can find out more about her work or book a private session at