Over the past year, we’ve heard from our readers that stress, anxiety and struggles with getting enough sleep are significant concerns.

The LIVESTRONG team and I have found success in addressing these issues with guided meditation. And some of us have been trying pretty much every meditation app that's available.

There are a number of apps out there that deliver high-quality guided meditations, but we have been particularly pleased with the meditations and customization options of the Stop Breathe & Think app for iOS.

When you use Stop Breathe & Think, there is a quick survey that helps to analyze your current mood and, based on those findings, recommends short guided meditations tailored specifically for you. Sign up and try it.

For a limited time, LIVESTRONG readers can enjoy VIP Access to one month of free premium guided meditations and mindfulness activities. Go here now and enjoy 30 days free when you enter the special code: LIVESTRONG.

These are meditations you can do anywhere — at home, at work, while traveling on a plane or sitting outdoors in the park.

(For every paid Stop Breath & Think VIP subscription, LIVESTRONG.COM receives a commission.)

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