I don't know about you, but the #1 thing that brings on my holiday stress is the act of TRAVELING. Don't get me wrong, I love traveling and hope to do it much more in 2018, but it's not until my recent trip to NYC that I truly learned how to pack smart. Historically, I either pack super light and end up needing to buy extra intimates or t shirts, or too heavy (i.e. everything in my closet I haven't worn in 10 months), not to mention my beauty bags that take up half of my suitcase. It's quite a mess. But, I've figured out a few solutions that I'm very happy to share with you.

1. It's all about the suitcase

I've had the same piece of luggage for about 14 years, it was a love-hate relationship with no structure at all and a gamble on TSA coming over and telling me it had to be checked (worst feeling ever). Before I went to New York, I finally invested in the bigger carry-on Away luggage. The fact that this bag has structure seriously changed the game on the amount of ~stuff~ I could fit on my trip. Another fun fact: Delta now measures all of the carry-on bags when going through security, this one is TSA-approved and I can guarantee my old faithful bag would have let me down this time around. Another pro tip: I bring a purse big enough for my laptop so I don't need to open my whole suitcase at security. Suitcase quality & size = very important.

2. Be realistic about your wardrobe

I'm the kind of person that wants to be up for anything and hate when I don't have "that one thing in my closet" for those moments, so I know the struggle. But the truth is, travel is stressful enough and we don't need to add decision fatigue to the mix. When I think about what I wear weekly, it's truthfully the same rotation of quality basics. I also want to make sure I'm always comfortable, not in a sweat suit kind of way, but comfort in liking how I look in my clothes. Bring your favorite clothes that make you feel confident. Your best jeans, sweaters, tanks, whatever. The satin bomber or tall red heels can probably stay home (unless those are your confident-boosting staples!!). Pro tip: bring at least one statement, easy dress for those 'up for anything' moments. Invest in staples that you love.

3. Keep your skincare routine simple

If you've been following our Beauty Brief series at all (you can read here), you'll know that I'm a serious skincare junkie and have separation anxiety from my bathroom cabinet. BUT... I've come to terms with a few things: 1) Assess how my skin has been the last 3 months & what I've really been using, 2) What's the climate in the place I'm traveling? Dry, humid? Basically... I don't need all 6 of my serums for a 5-day trip. There, I said it. If you're acne-prone, I know that can be really stressful, so be sure to bring your favorite spot treatment and post-plane mask for emergencies. I also invested in my fave skincare line's travel set, less empty plastic bottles laying around my closet.

4. No make-up-makeup is where it's at

I personally love a minimal makeup look, and think it works really well for travel with the exception of a red lip or smokey eye in the evening. I bring my ~favorite~ foundation with SPF, Glossier cloud paint in puff/dusk, some boy brow, and the Rituel de File highlighter. I bring these because I know I love this look and it makes me feel good. Find your everyday look!

For my LASHES, I'm the worst and constantly rub my eyes, resulting in smeared mascara and the general opposite look of what I'm going for. So, for the first time ever (!!!) I got a lash lift to keep them perky and help my eyes look awake when I'm probably not. I didn't go with lash extensions because again: ^ eye rubber, but that's also an option if you have more self control than I.

This lash lift has honestly been a life changer, no mascara at ALL for weeks. I promise there's no filter or makeup in that (super flattering) pic above. I urge you to do research and ask questions when allowing someone to get so close to your eyelashes (which grow back very slowly) — I worked with the incredibly talented Liliana at Beba Beauty in Los Angeles. It's basically a keratin treatment for your lashes but without any harmful added chemicals. This is probably going to be become a more routine treatment, TBH.

Any other travel tips? Share with us on Instagram @leaftv! & be sure to visit Beba Beauty when you're in LA.