Our all new #WakeUpWith episode is a big one: we went to NYC and stepped inside the gorgeous home of DJ, HBFIT founder and one of our favorite wellness influencers, Hannah Bronfman. Hannah radiates positivity and has a wealth of knowledge in the realms of health, beauty and fitness (i.e. HBFIT) — and is walking us through everything from her skincare routine to her supplements and coffee-not-coffee recipe. Watch the episode below and let us know who else you want us to feature in the #WakeUpWith series!

Watch Hannah's full episode here:

7:15, first up: Skincare

Splash with cold water and use cotton pads to dry off, then use the Linné Mineral Mist as a toner, then your eye cream (moving in circular motions with fingers moving towards the inside of your eye). Now come the serums, first up is Essence 27 Hydrating Fluid, which is a mix between hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, followed by Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum. The most interesting addition to Hannah's routine is a custom blood cream-moisturizer from Dr. Barbara Sturm. It's basically a moisturizer that has been infused with Hannah's blood cells, the cells that are the first-responders in the body to heal wounds and infections. It's pretty much a little jar of magic — considering Hannah's skin.

7:45, Supplements

Pills are not a favorite of this wellness girl, but sometimes necessary. Here's a list of everything Hannah's taking (right now) and why:

  • Daily Probiotic by Pure Change, one to two depending on her cycle
  • Malic Acid by Nature's Life, to help flush out the liver & assist detoxification
  • Melt by Osmosis, prepping for a revealing shoot to assist in metabolism
  • Keto Fire Activator by Ancient Nutrition, to help activate the keto metabolic process
  • Bulletproof Neuromaster, to help focus, memory and help you become your most productive self

8:00, Coffee-not-Coffee

Serves one. In a blender, add:

Also head over to HBFIT's YouTube channel to watch Hannah do a total beauty clean-out JIT for the holiday's!