When one of your friends or family members decides they love cooking and want to dive into the art head-first, it’s super important to nurture their new hobby. Why? Think of all the amazing meals and delicious treats you’ll get to sample! But seriously, gifts relating to hobbies are the best because you know it’s probably something that person actually wants or is planning to buy for themselves. For the new cook, depending what they’re interested in, here are 5 books that are bound to impress.

Foolproof: Recipes you can trust

If you know someone who loves food, then they probably know the name Ina Garten. If they don’t recognize her name, then they probably know her by the name of her Food Network show, Barefoot Contessa. Ina is a pioneer in the food world and any aspiring chef knows her recipes are five star. Plus, she has quite a few cookbooks, so you might have gifts lined up for the next few years if your friend is a fan of Ina. Get here.

How Not to Die

If you’ve got a more holistic and/or vegan foodie friend in your life who wants to make cooking their thing, then this is a great book to get them started. There’s a ton of plant-based goodness within those pages—meals, to snacks, to beverages—that, according to Greger, can transform your health. Get here.

How to Cook Everything

If your cook needs to start at the very beginning, this is the perfect guide. It has more than two thousand recipes, but is also a resource for all the techniques any cook worth their salt would need to know. People will think they’ve been basting and blending for years, and as a bonus, your taste buds will be extremely happy. Get here.

Tanya Bakes

Baking is a serious science where it’s super important to be precise and exact. To learn that art, Tanya Bakes is a great gift option. Anywhere you go searching for an amazing book on baking, this one will probably keep popping up over and over again because it’s one of the best. Get ready for some incredible cupcakes because your friend will be whipping them up in no time. Get here.

Clean Eating Made Simple

Some people have a major curiosity about the clean eating movement and learning how to incorporate healthier foods into their life. This easy, beginners book breaks down how to set up a meal plan, provides over 100 recipes and even gives tips on living a healthier lifestyle and eating whole foods. Sounds like a winner! Get here.