When it comes to the zodiac, certain signs and personality types are more compatible than others. Basically, as you're known to have core traits, it's likely you'll either match well or clash with others, based on their preferences. So, when looking for an SO, you'll want to gravitate towards those who accept (and maybe even share) your habits and values.

Of course, this doesn't mean that technically non-compatible partners don't ever work out. It's totally possible to find a healthy, loving relationship with someone who isn't supposed to be in your future. So, don't let this prediction stop you from following your heart.

However, if you're on the hunt and do want a few pointers as to which direction to turn to, you can easily look to astrologer Valerie Mesa's tips on which type of partner you might need based on your sign.


The ram needs to be first in the relationship, period. "Assertive and highly passionate, this fire sign wants the chase and the constant thrill. Aries doesn't wait for you to make moves - they want someone who isn't afraid to go after what they want," she says.

However, despite their impulsive personality and aggressive nature, the ram does best with a partner who can also bring out their softer side. "In other words, pin them up against the wall but be romantic too," says Mesa.


Sensual and romantic, Taurus craves a partner who enjoys the pleasures of life just as much as they do; however, stability is still number one on their checklist. "The bull’s main thrill in life is a comfortable home and a delicious meal. Earthy and Venusian, Taurus shows love with physical touch," says Mesa. (Cuddles and hugs are a must for the bull.)

"On the dark side, it’s likely for Taurus to become stagnant in their routine; therefore, a partner who can inspire them and/or push them to make moves would definitely be a plus," she says.


"Ruled by the intellectual planet Mercury, Gemini is a brilliant conversationalist who craves mental connection and stimulation. A mischievous child at heart, the sign of the twins can become easily bored; hence they need a lover who will constantly keep them on their toes," she says.

Aside from someone who could keep up with their conversation, Gemini also needs a partner who makes them feel emotionally secure. This air sign struggles with expressing them emotions at times.


Sensitive and nostalgic, the crab needs a partner who feels like family. "Whether it’s from their partners or their loved ones, Cancer is constantly seeking emotional validation," says Mesa.

And, similarly to Taurus, this water sign craves security and comfort. "The crab is incredibly sentimental. In love, Cancer will cherish every moment spent together and probably write down the first time they said, 'I love you.' A reassuring partner is just what Cancer needs," she adds.


It’s simple: Leo wants to be loved, needed, and admired. "There's no such thing as showing a Leo too much love. Anything from diamonds to singing telegrams are welcome," says Mesa. And, it doesn’t end there. "The lion wants their partner to be just as flamboyant, which is why they need someone who is just as sparkly and passionate," Mesa explains.


Virgo is practical and resourceful, and they’re devoted to serving others, secretly wanting to make the world a better place, while unfortunately often critiquing the people around them, says Mesa.

"In love, the sign of the virgin falls in love with the tiny details. For instance, your daily rituals and routine together. This earth sign needs someone who will take their criticism not as something negative but instead as gestures of love," says Mesa.


Libra feels best when they’re in a relationship, so an SO is right on that checklist. "Lovers of harmony, Libra loves to fall in love and feel loved in return. Their Venusian dreams consist of charming gifts and romance," says Mesa.

They need a partner who can shower them with that attention, too. "Their ideal partner is just at romantic and good looking as they are. Ruled by Venus, Libra’s love life imitates art," says Mesa.


Mysterious and guarded, Scorpio isn’t one to verbally communicate what’s on the mind. "Instead they keep to themselves and strategically choose who to share their space and soul with; hence they normally look for loyal partners who are completely transparent and affectionate," says Mesa.

Plus, they need a partner who gets frisky. 'This sign releases pent up emotions in the bedroom, so their ideal partner is just as passionate as they are, if not more," she says. And, Scorpio needs constant reassurance and loyalty. "If they just sense that they’re being lied to, there’s no turning back," she adds.


"In the eyes of Sagittarius, tomorrow is never promised. This fire sign wants to live life to the fullest and not even love will get in their way," says Mesa.

This fire sign’s ideal partner is just as free and outgoing; however, the sign of the archer’s optimism isn’t always realistic, she says. A responsible and grounded partner might annoy them at first, but they'll likely knock some sense into them, too. (Which is a good thing, here.)


In case you’re wondering, the goat’s first love is success. "For Capricorn, life is an investment. They have no time to waste, and as selfish as it sounds, it’s a 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours' kind of deal for Capricorn," says Mesa. They’re ruthless and realistic at times, and their ideal partner is just as focused and determined.


"The sign of the collective and of the humanitarian, Aquarius is a social rebel and an intellectual. This air sign wants to stand out and make a difference," says Mesa.

Though in relationships, Aquarius is easily bored and detached. "Hence this air sign believes in free love. (In every sense of the word.)," says Mesa. "Their ideal relationship starts off as a friendship and eventually becomes something more - but is never forced. Aquarius wants anything but the norm, and the more unconventional the better," she explains.


Spiritual and sentimental, Pisces’ spend the majority of their lives searching for their soul mate. "This water sign is highly sensitive but they can also be quite introverted; hence their ideal mate is emotionally expressive and understanding," she says.

"When they fall in love, they merge mind, body and soul," she says. This water sign needs a partner who isn't scared to open up emotionally. Pisces needs to be a shoulder to cry on, even in their love life. The more they can help, the better they feel.

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