MorningsMatter is a hashtag that our very own LEAF girl (@branchefoston) uses often, and in her recent feature in our #WakeUpWith YouTube series, she explains why. Branché is constantly beaming with positivity, which as we all know, is very hard to do. The not-so-secret-secret is that it takes WORK, and Branché shows you just that in her episode below.

First things first: Prayer & Devotional

"Each page [of Jesus Calling] is so beautiful, I love to start my day with it," says Branché. Eds note: Any book that you spiritually resonate with can create positive, uplifting thoughts first thing in the AM!

Pro tip: Make your bed every morning as a treat to YOURSELF!

Warm Water with Lemon

Add grated ginger and turmeric!

Sage & Essentials Oils

Cleanse your space, alleviate anxiety. When burning sage, make sure to open the window to have a space for the negative energy to leave through. After sage, use essential oils with your diffuser to ~invigorate~ your space. Branché uses tea tree, eucalyptus and sometimes lemongrass.

Meditation & Affirmation

"I make sure that I say positive things in the morning and pray for myself and people that I'm close to, give yourself time in the morning to take care of yourself." Branché has an alter filled with beautiful candles, memories, gifts from friends, photos and general items that spark joy, where she practices her affirmations for the day. An affirmation can be anything that you want to introduce into your life. "I am abundant, I am strong, I am a queen," saying these powerful phrases to yourself ~will~ manifest them into your reality.

Get ready

"Everything that I keep in my space means so much to me and I love it because it helps me stay focused on what really matters, down to my jewelry." This is a pattern within Branché's entire segment - your space and belongings should always spark joy. She also listens to the podcast AM with Amber (like theSkimm, but as a podcast!) while getting ready for the day.

Watch the rest of Wake Up With right this way.