Starting in October through most of January, the holiday season can get hectic in a hurry. From shopping for gifts and preparing meals, to parties and family gatherings, finding time for a quiet moment can be super difficult. We all want to enjoy this time of year, but with life whizzing by at a mile a minute, when do we have the time?! These five mantras can not only help you find a little peace, but they also only take a few minutes to help set a positive tone for the day.

I will remember the real meaning of the holidays

This is a big one during the holiday season. It’s so easy to get caught up in buying gifts and baking better apple pie than cousin Barbara. Sure, these things have become part of the tradition, but this mantra will help you see the big picture instead of just a small piece.

I am grateful for this moment

This one is perfect for those special moments when you look around the room and you realize you’re surrounded by all the people you love, have a full belly of food and just feel fulfilled and happy. Reveling in these moments is what life—and the holidays—is all about, anyway.

I will let go of the last year and embrace the new

One of the best things about the holidays is feeling like you get a fresh start once the new year hits. If you had a rough 2017, or you’re just ready to turn over a new leaf, this mantra is for you. It can help any negativity you’ve been feeling leave your body and get you ready for a fresh start.

I have enough, I am enough

With all the technology and constant access to social media these days, comparing yourself to others can start to become a daily ritual—especially around the holiday season. To stop doing it is so much easier said than done, too, so reminding yourself that you are enough throughout the day can be a necessity.

I’m bringing the joy!

Even when situations aren’t ideal, it’s always a good idea to be the optimistic, positive person who is helping to bring others up. Maybe your family is celebrating the holidays for the first time after losing a loved one or you’re spending the holidays with the in-laws instead of your family—whatever the situation may be, make it a positive one by reminding yourself to bring the joy to wherever you are.