As much fun as the holidays are, they can be equally stressful and crazy. You might feel like you’re spending more time running from place to place than you are actually enjoying yourself. This is where mindfulness comes in. If you can realize when these busy moments are getting the best of you, the easier it’ll become to slow down. Because it’s so important to enjoy those moments with family and friends, here are a few reasons why embracing mindfulness during the holiday season could be your best idea yet.

It helps you slow down

Speaking of slowing down—if there’s any one time of the year when people should slow down, it’s the holiday season. Instead of spending hours worrying about spreadsheets and conversion rates, you should be thinking apple pie vs. pumpkin. It’s OK to take a break! And using mindfulness to be more aware of how hard you’re working should help you realize when it’s time to take a load off and just enjoy the holiday season. After all, work will always be there waiting for you, this I can guarantee.

It puts things in perspective

When you become more aware of your own feelings, it can be like taking off blinders for the first time. Not only will you have a stronger sense of your own emotions, but others’ as well. This can help you understand how precious time really is and that spending it with people you love is more important than anything else. If you know you’re taking things for granted and feeling overwhelmed, there’s absolutely no shame in owning that and taking a moment to be mindful of it—regrouping.

It requires no technology

So many of our habits these days include technology. Even reading doesn’t require an actual book anymore, you can just stare at a screen. The best thing about embracing mindfulness is the lack of technology. It’s just you, the silence and your thoughts and feelings. If you have no other reason to start being mindful, let this be it.

It can be therapeutic

Mindfulness is actually used as a therapeutic technique by a lot of doctors and practitioners for all the reasons listed above (and then some). It can act as an anxiety and stress reliever (which we all probably need a little of during the holidays) and can help you get in touch with a part of yourself you may not even be aware of.

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