If you're tuned into us on Instagram (@LEAFtv) you'll know that we'll often post our #WeeklyWorkouts on stories, i.e. trying different workouts throughout LA. We're definitely lucky to live in a city like LA that is home to hundreds of fitness studios, meditation centers, smoothie joints and "clean" cafés. But all of the options can sometimes become overwhelming. This is a tried-and-true list that I've been living by the last six months. Variety does the body good, they say! Take look:


LIT stands for Low Impact Training, designed to "Build you, not break you." This hour-long class is an incredibly unique regime that will leave you dripping sweat. It's a mix between low impact cardio (i.e. water rowing machines which are hard AF) and resistance band training. You're not running around, jumping or lifting weights — which is great for everyone, but especially those with injury and joint pain. I have a lot of knee pain and this class did not trigger that at all. The exercises target and isolate each muscle group between the four phases: Compound, Isolation, Corrective Posture/Core and Recovery. When I tell you I was absolutely drenched and sore, in the best way possible... It's real. Learn more about LIT Method here.


"Together we box" is the tagline of this elite boxing studio nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, right next to the ocean. The squeaky clean and bright space makes you feel welcomed and definitely helps relieve any pre-class jitters you might have if it's your first time. In fact, it might be the least intimidating boxing studio I've been to, which is not to say that the class won't make you sweat your a$s off. The classes are extremely challenging but equally fun, teaching you boxing 101 as well as killer ab and butt workouts in between. Learn more about Box Union here.


All I can say about this workout is H#&Y SH*T. Honestly. This is the toughest thing I've done in awhile, perhaps because I have more flexibility than strength, and Pilates builds more strength than you could ever imagine. There's a reason it's the workout of the stars. This studio uses a Megaformer, the elite version of the traditional Pilates reformer. The instructors are serious pros in that they understand the body down to a science and can help problem-solve any #woe you might have going on, and offer adjustments throughout class. Learn more about Pilates Platinum here.


This is perhaps the #1 Instagram'd yoga studio in LA, thanks to the incredible artwork and group of teachers who call the space their home. It's one room (i.e. a "boutique studio") that has a very warm vibe — community, tradition and playfulness are a few words that come to mind when I think of it. The classes are generally Vinyasa-based with fun titles such as "Sweet Love" and "Tough Love." They also offer moon circles and special events on a monthly basis which is also worth a look. Learn more about Love Yoga here.


This pilates-not-pilates inspired workout is definitely one hell of a class. It's a total-body program that blends elements of Pilates, cardio training and weight-bearing to create long-term physical results. In lieu of the Pilates reformer, the studio uses a Megaformer. This machine allows the body to shift quickly and smoothly to increase the heart rate (= burn more calories!). They even have a whole transformations dedication on their website 😮. I've also seen more guys in this class than any other Pilates or yoga class I've been to... and it's not just because of the chicks. Learn more about The Studio MDR here.


Launched recently in October 2017, Crubox is in the heart of Melrose Place in West Hollywood. The studio is stunning and even includes a boxing ring that you can take your perfect IG photo in, or schedule a private. The teachers are energetic and the music will keep you moving, this full-body workout is a must for anyone east of the 405. Grab a matcha at Alfred's after and you're set! Learn more about Crubox here. 🥊

Did we miss anything? What are your favorite LA workouts?