Traveling is an amazing way to add to your rolodex of experiences, but the act of flying isn’t always as enriching. In fact, air travel is known to wreak havoc on the body and mind. Bloating, dehydration, digestive problems and stress are just the top-line issues that can cross your path as you’re in the air. Use these healthy tips to keep yourself in tip-top shape so that your flight can be as enjoyable as your destination. Almost.

Pack a snack.

It’s a common misconception that you can’t bring food through security. So go ahead and slip some simple treats into your carry-on bag, making sure to avoid salty foods like pretzels, jerky or cheese, which contribute to bloat. For shorter, domestic flights stick with whole foods like raw nuts, fresh or dried fruits or to-go packets of your favorite nut butter. If it’s a long-distance trip bring along a full-on nutritious meal — a fresh, protein-packed salad or a loaded buddha bowl with roasted veggies will do the trick.

Stay hydrated.

Water is our best friend when flying. It’s hydrating, flushes out toxins and boosts the immune system. Any other liquid — coffee, seltzer and yes, even wine — can leave you bloated and dehydrated. So once you’ve cleared security pop into the nearest shop to buy the biggest bottle of water you can find. Or better yet, pack a reusable bottle and fill it up at a water fountain near your gate. Either way, boarding with a giant water bottle in hand leaves you with no excuse not to sip away throughout the flight.

Cover your eyes.

The recycled air and lack of humidity on planes tends to leave skin super dry and puffy, especially under the eyes. Combat these side effects with soothing eye gel patches or this DIY eye mask, which help hydrate and revitalize skin. Stick ‘em on as soon as you hit the friendly skies and you’ll deplane looking and feeling like a zillion bucks. Plus, many eye gels are clear so you won’t catch any curious side-eyes from your fellow passengers.


Traveling can be stressful on our bodies and minds. Calm your nerves and reduce stress by doing a simple meditation once you’ve settled into your seat. An app like Headspace or Mindfulness or our easy peasy meditation tips can really help guide you through the process. So throw on your headphones and give yourself 15 minutes to loosen up. An added benefit of meditating on a plane is the drone of the engines can act like white noise to help you relax even more.

Get moving.

Keeping your body engaged during a flight, especially a long one, is essential for circulation and muscle health. But you don’t need to march up and down the aisle to get your blood flowing mid-flight. Get your body moving with these simple stretches, which you can do without ever leaving your seat.

Did we miss anything? What are your tips to staying healthy on-the-fly?