There's a lot of noise around meal delivery programs right now. With the rise of social media and general "laziness" pointing to Postmates and Uber Eats, there's also the surge of the "wellness movement" with programs that send you ingredients to cook yourself, or fully prepared meals delivered... The possibilities are endless.

I've tried tons of programs, I mean... tons. As you can imagine, I love to cook and it's my #1 option, but sometimes you need a break! I think the best part about these healthy meal delivery programs is the inspiration you end up finding to cook different types of meals at home. My recent obsession is LA-based Kore Kitchen.

Kore Kitchen is 100% organic, sourced locally (they only service parts of CA currently due to sustainable sourcing), and incredibly creative when it comes to the meals. They offer vegan, sustainable meat (which is the option I went with), a cleanse and a marketplace with ghee and superfood offerings. You can tell that this company cares about what they do.

The portions here are not small, they're very healthy — which was a relief for me. Sometimes these programs really feel like they're ripping you between the portion sizes versus the price tag (right?!). Not only are the portion sizes healthy, but the food tasted like it was made that day. The veggies were still crisp, salad wasn't soggy, protein didn't stink. This program is a win-win, for sure. Here are a few things I noticed throughout the four days I tried it out...

Inspiration to cook with new ingredients

One of the lunches was a Kale & Grapefruit Detox Salad with Wild Salmon, it included baked chickpeas, coconut bacon and a lemon-tahini dressing. The coconut bacon and baked chickpeas (LEAF recipe here) included in the salad was 100%. I'll be honest, I normally hate salads. Ask anyone — I rarely order them. I think that's because so many salads are incredibly ~boring~. I think the inclusion of these salad toppings made eating it more fun and kept me much more full.

Inspiration to try new meal varieties

When I pack lunch for work, or even come home late at night around dinner, I generally throw together a bowl of random stuff (like this). One of the meals in my delivery was Paleo Halibut Tacos. It was SO GOOD and seemed soooo easy to put together. Why am I not throwing my toppings into a lettuce cup and making my meals feel more legit?

Learning what's in season

For Kore Kitchen especially, they only use seasonal ingredients. If you're not sure how to incorporate the season's citrus (or figs, or whatever!) into your cooking regime, consider doing a program like this so you can see how they're preparing it.

More time for self-care

OMG I don't have to prepare lunch for work or wait 60 minutes after I get home to have dinner ready on the table?!! I can't tell you how many episodes of Pretty Little Liars I caught up on. JK. Not really. I was also productive with my extra time. In all honesty, having a few days with a break between meal prep and grocery shopping was so nice. Not that I don't like doing those things, I really do. But it was equally nice to have some extra me-time during these days.

Learn more and sign up for Kore Kitchen right this way.

P.S. This content was not sponsored by Kore Kitchen, although I was gifted the meals. All thoughts and feelings are my own.

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