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When planning a luncheon for a set number of guests, you can calculate how much lunch meat to order by multiplying the number of guests by the size of each serving. If you have 16 guests and plan to serve 3 ounces of lunch meat on each sandwich, the total amount of meat to order would be 48 ounces (or 3 pounds) of lunch meat. Before you determine the total amount of meat to order, you first need to calculate the lunch meat serving per person.

Make a list of who will be attending the luncheon. If the lunch is for a group of kindergartners, the serving size per person will be less than if the meal is for a football team.

Take into consideration that the United States Department of Agriculture’s suggested serving size for cooked meat is between 2 and 3 ounces. Also consider the fact that many restaurants serve sandwiches with double that amount. A sandwich with 6 ounces of meat is a generous portion.

Determine if you intend to serve sandwiches with a generous portion of meat or sandwiches with portions that reflect the USDA's recommendations.

Calculate the lunch meat serving per person by considering who will be eating the sandwich, whether you intend to follow the USDA guidelines or you intend to offer generous portions. The final serving per person might range between 2 to 6 ounces. Multiply the portion by the number of guests to determine your total.

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