Sex toys bring in more than $15 billion in global revenue each year, according to a 2016 Statistic Brain report, and nearly a quarter of adults have reportedly used them. Known to enhance pleasure, orgasm capability and intimacy while bringing a sense of novelty and adventure to the bedroom, the merchandise formerly considered hush-hush is becoming increasingly mainstream.

While you’re seeking a sex toy, kick any related myths you’ve bought into to the curb—such as the idea that toy fervor means you’re somehow lacking in the sex or relationship department. “Sex toys are like a cherry on top of an already-delicious sundae,” said Lisa Finn, a sex educator at the woman-friendly sex toy store Babeland in Brooklyn, New York. Read on to learn about eight of the latest best-sellers from popular shops!

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1. Bullet Vibrator by Crave

For sensual vibes on the go, try the Bullet Vibrator by Crave. The lipstick tube-shaped toy is a popular pick for good reason, according to Andy Duran, educational outreach and affiliate manager for Good Vibrations, a sex-positive San Francisco-based company that sells sex toys and other erotic products. Duran described the Bullet Vibrator as "a sleek rechargeable bullet that can fit into all our favorite toys that use the standard watch battery bullets.”

You can place it inside a dildo or harness, for example, for added buzz on your clitoris or anus, or use it externally on its own. It's also waterproof, making it easy to sneak into a bath or shower. The sound of the water drowns out its rumbly buzz, so this is a great pick for parents or people with roommates.

bullet vibrator by crave
Crave Bullet

2. Pop! Ejaculating Dildo

Yes, this toy actually ejaculates. Designed by queer women to aid in insemination — and originally called the Semenette — this new rendition has become a hit among pleasure-seekers, whether they hope to procreate or not. “With its easy-to-use tubing, the Pop can also be used for gender expression or to simply add lubricant in your play,” said Duran, adding that some trans or gender variant folks use dildos for gender affirmation—a trans man with a vulva who feels more masculine with a "penis," for example. You can also have fun role playing, regardless of your gender identity. You either insert semen or lube into the tube, and then play away.

pop ejaculating dildo
Pop Ejaculating Dildo

3. Lovelife Mini Cuddle G-Spot Vibrator

Sometimes cuddly sweetness is half the sexy fun. This compact version of the original Lovelife Cuddle is a favorite among Good Vibrations customers and staff, said Duran. With seven pulsation settings you control using a heart-shape control pad, you can shift the intensity of the Lovelife Mini Cuddle G-Spot Vibrator until it feels just right — increase it as you warm up into sexy play or switch around for enticing vibration variety. “The new flexible shaft coupled with the perfect curve toward the tip makes this an ideal vibe for G-spot stimulation,” added Duran.

lovelife cuddle mini
LoveLife Cuddle Mini

4. We-Vibe Sync

If you’d rather have your hands on each other versus a toy as you play, go for the wearable We-Vibe Sync — a consistent top seller for partner play, said Lisa Finn of Babeland. Designed to be worn hands-free, its dual motors hug one partner’s clitoris and G-spot while both of your hands wander. One end can curve inside a vagina, reaching that hot spot, while the other provides external stim to both partners. It stays in place as you play and works well in a broad range of positions. “You can even control it with a free smartphone app,” Finn added, “meaning couples can play with this toy whether they’re in the same room or on opposite sides of the world.”

we-vibe sync

5. Womanizer Plus

If you love oral pleasure and want to savor it solo, look no further than the Womanizer Plus. Its name might not be the most empowering, but the perks can be well worth any questionable verbiage. “This chic and modern toy uses a unique suction-style stimulation that mimics oral sex, allowing you to concentrate your sensation on nerve-rich hot spots like the clit, frenulum or nipples to reach an intense climax like no other,” Lisa Finn of Babeland said of this best-seller. It offers more settings than the original Womanizer, and its sleeker shape makes it more comfortable for partner play. (Yes, you can use it together too!)

womanizer plus
Womanizer Plus

6. Magic Wand Rechargeable

Ask a roomful of sex toy enthusiasts for their fave and you’re likely to hear a chorus of answers including the “wand.” The recently updated Magic Wand isn’t just any wand, though. This little number is consistently hailed as one of the most legendary sex toys of all time, according to Finn, and for good reason.

“The Magic Wand boasts one of the most powerful motors of any toy,” she said, “and the iconic wand shape makes it easy for you — or a friend — to handle no matter what position you’re in.” It's also cord-free, has a quieter motor, a soft silicone head and more settings than the original, she added. Use it to massage any part of your body, from your nipples to your genitals, paying special mind to your clitoris if you have one. As a long toy, The Magic Wand works for most any body, including folks who can’t reach their pelvis with ease due to a larger abdomen or a physical disability.

magic wand rechargeable
Magic Wand Rechargeable

7. Fun Factory Bootie

There should be nothing taboo about anal pleasure, and the Fun Factory Bootie provides a great way to dip in. This petite silicone plug slides in with ease — with lubricant, ideally — making way for anal G-spot or prostate pleasure. Simply slip it in once you're ready, then move as you wish, stroking your penis or clitoris at the same time as desired. “The Bootie is a customer favorite because it offers an non-intimidating intro to anal play,” said Victor Tobar, buyer and merchandising manager for The Pleasure Chest, which has stores in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Because it’s designed with anatomy in mind, you can wear it for as long as you like, he added, including while switching to other kinds of play.

fun factory bootie
Bootie Small

8. Lelo Ina Wave

Ever since Charlotte fell “in love” with her Rabbit vibrator on HBO’s Sex and the City, vulva owners' love affairs with the toys have been more than fiction. If you have a vulva and want a toy that reaches your most orgasmic places, this modern twist on the classic Rabbit-style vibrator may be just what the sex doctor ordered. “This top seller provides internal G-spot stimulation and external clitoral stimulation at the same time for all-over pleasure,” said Tobar. “What makes the Ina Wave unique is that the insertable arm of the vibe actually swings back and forth to create the come-hither motion, which many G-spots respond to.”

lelo ina wave
Lelo Ina Wave

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