When you get the urge to eat a little healthier or maybe just try something new, it can feel intimidating and leave you unsure about where to start — especially if you’re currently a carnivore who wants to learn more about eating plant-based. Well, that's what Instagram can really help with between the tags #plantbased, #vegansofig and #veganfoodshare, but you can an incredible amount of info. You can find all of the inspiration and recipes necessary to dive into a new, plant-based lifestyle. To help you out, we found five of the best accounts to follow if you need some pointers on making 'Meatless Monday' an everyday thing.

Minimalist Baker

This has got to be one of the best vegan resources out there! Dana, the genius behind this account, is a wizard in the kitchen and has even put out a cookbook with her best vegan/gluten free recipes. She goes through multiple rounds of testing to make sure she’s bringing her followers and readers the best (and "cheesiest") meals that a plant-based diet has to offer.

Erin Ireland

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Erin Ireland’s food blog, To Die For, makes switching to plant based eating look easy and delicious. She’s always posting to her Instagram stories when she’s in the kitchen whipping up something new. Everything looks so simple you’ll be wondering why you didn’t switch to this lifestyle years ago.

Hot for Food

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Lauren and John from Hot for Food are so amazing (and a pretty adorable couple). Their goal is to help vegan meals stand up against all the traditional food that most people say just can’t compare to anything plant based (cue cheese and anything meat). You don’t have to be a crazy hippie who sits around and drinks green smoothies all day to be vegan! These guys really do an incredible job of proving this on their YouTube channel and show just how delicious eating plants can be. They also have a cookbook coming in out in 2018, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

From My Bowl

Even if you have an interest in learning what eating plant-based is all about, a lot of people shy away from it because it can come across intimidating. Most people are raised to consume animal products, so doing a complete 180 seems crazy to some. Well, Caitlin from From My Bowl does what she can to take some of the scary out it. She’ll show you how to still eat some of your favorites (think nachos), while living your best, wholesome life.

Sweet Simple Vegan

This page ran by Jasmine, a certified plant-based nutritionist, looks at eating vegan from a health perspective. Jasmine wants to create recipes that are simple and have ingredients that are easily accessible to anyone that wants to experiment with a plant-based lifestyle. She really understands that making the transition is difficult and encourages her followers and readers to start simple and work their way up. This is a great account if you’re still just doing research and trying to decide if this is a lifestyle you want to try.

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